History of San Gabriel

San Gabriel is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is named after the archangel Gabriel. The city grew outward from the mission founded by Father Junipero Serra and in 1852 became the original township of Los Angeles County. San Gabriel was incorporated in 1913. Being the birthplace of Los Angeles metropolitan area, we believe she is the spiritual gateway to other cities in San Gabriel valley. San Gabriel city’s motto is a “city with the mission” and we believe her mission is to bring good news to the world

History of Portal 

During the early years of HOPE Christian fellowship, the founding mothers & fathers of HOPE sensed a calling to become a Houses oPrayer & Evangelism – HOPE.
The Lord began to show Pastor Rene visions of gathering churches together. She began to dream of catalyzing a worship and prayer ministry where the churches in the city would come together to worship, pray and serve the community as one.
In Aug 2014, God spoke through at least three individuals that it was time to begin meeting on a regular basis to pray & seek the Lord about the House of Prayer. In Feb 2016 The Portal House of prayer was launched from HOPE Christian Fellowship.

History of 24/7 prayer