Portal Newsletter 5/19/18 – Innovative Solutions Sourced in Love – A New Standard


This Sunday, May 20th is Pentecost Sunday. It celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus Christ. It occurs 50 days after Easter Sunday and falls on the ancient Jewish festival called the “feast of weeks”. This year Pentecost 5778 is a year of new beginnings. Don’t miss this opportunity to take time to enter FULL faith and sow/pray boldly. This is the year of the DOOR, we must now position ourselves to go beyond!

Prophetic Highlights. I want to highlight for you some of the prophetic words for this California for this ear.  This is from Johnny Enlow’s prophecy that was released in April.

He (God) is calling us to showcase His Kingdom in the 9 to 5 world by evidencing that we actually have a living relationship with the Creator of the universe. He has solutions, upgrades, and new ways of doing things for everything. Mining can be done a new way. The homeless can be taken care of in a new way. School can be taught in a better way. Energy can be plentiful, free, and non- polluting. There ARE cures for AIDS, cancer, blindness, quadriplegics, Alzheimers and more. The plight of inner cities can be solved. The penal system can actually be rehabilitated. Elections can happen transparently and fairly. Sex-trade and the pornography epidemic can be completely interrupted. Cars can be upgraded where accidents are rare. The FBI, the FDA, and the IRS can all be reformed and upgraded. Housing can be beautiful and affordable. Poverty can essentially be eliminated. Science can prove God is who He says He is. And so on and so on. We have assumed that most of these above plights can only be fixed by traditional repentance and revival. However, what is lacking is the innovative solutions sourced in love from those who are called by His name to bring a better way that becomes the new standard bearer.


San Gabriel Business Expo
“Innovative solutions sourced in love from those who are called by His name to bring a better way.” Think about it. We are the ones to bring about solutions sourced in love. Why do that? We want to showcase our relationship to the world by bringing about a better way. Last night Portal was at the San Gabriel Business Expo. It was fun and exciting to see so many businesses come together. The expo was almost canceled because there was a major fire on Valley Blvd. and there was a power outage in the area affecting Hilton. It was such a breath of fresh air to experience the joy of collaborating with Sandy (Chamber of Commerce) and Juli (Hilton) and Rene (Portal) to ensure the Expo continues. We prayed for electricity and order to be restored in the area. Listen to part of Rosa’s prayer “we declare wisdom and strategy for the utility companies and others involved to have supernatural solutions.” A few hours later at the expo, we had the privilege of praying for several people. One lady cried when we blessed her and her business. She experienced the touch of God a few minutes after we prayed with a surprise blessing. We have a Father God who loves.